martes, 15 de julio de 2008

Don't you just love it?

One of my favorite quotes, from one of the strangest, yet funniest, yet deepest films I've seen lately: Stranger Than Fiction. Yeah, who will think a comedy with Will Ferrell can be so good in so many ways?

From the plain funny situations, to having lovely Maggie Glyllenhaal on it, or having Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman (and Queen Latifah) doing such nice roles... You gotta love the movie.

Of course it's full of funny quotes, but I don't have enough room.

OK, maybe one more:

Penny Escher: And I suppose you smoked all these cigarettes?
Kay Eiffel: No, they came pre-smoked.

Penny Escher: [...] You know there's something called a nicotine patch.
Kay Eiffel: I don't need a nicotine patch. I smoke cigarettes.

(dedicated to the nice smoking lady who can't read this)
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Harold Crick:
Miss Pascal, what you're describing is anarchy. Are you an anarchist?
Ana Pascal:
You mean, am I a member of...
Harold Crick:
An anarchist group, yes.
Ana Pascal:
Anarchists have a group?
Harold Crick:
I believe so, sure.
Ana Pascal:
They assemble?
Harold Crick:
I don't know.
Ana Pascal:
Wouldn't that completely defeat the purpose?
Stranger Than Fiction

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